Grandpa John

Picture credit

Grandpa John jogs in pajama and as usual, John is sulking ! In this style, almost everything is to throw except eventualy his cap… His striped pants goes simply wrong !

We can forgive him for this style mistake because John McEnroe was one of the best tennis player ever and an old N.1. During his career, he won seven Grand Slam singles titles and 70 others titles by the ATP (3rd all-time). In 1984, he recorded the best single season record in the Open Era with 96.47% of victory (82/3). He was named player of the year by the ATP in 1981, 1983 and 1984 and he is a former Captain of the United States Davis Cup team.

He is best remembered for his superb volleying. This is a compilation of his best shots :

And of course for his confrontational on-court behavior which frequently landed him in trouble with referees and tennis authorities. Mc Enroe’s most famous confrontations include his tirade during a match against Tom Gullikson at Wimbledon in 1981 and the famous “you cannot be serious !”. Remember that…

Because one of this kind of altercations with referees, he was disqualidied from the 1990 Australian Open. A system of slow-motion cameras “MacCAM” was developed by FastCAM Replay LLC and DEL Imaging Systems LLC and used during tennis matches to replay close or controversial line calls. The system is named after John McEnroe, who was infamous for contesting umpire calls. CBS was the first network to use the MacCAM widely, as John was one of their tennis analysts.


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