Sailor White

Shaun White

Picture credit

Shaun White also feels good in his clothes than in the air. This is a very nice style with a large smile. This is Shaun White naturally ! The jacket fits perfectly with the sailor and above all with his hair.

Shaun White is a 26 yrs old professional snowboarder who is twice Olympic champion. He also won 12 Winter X Games and 2 Summer X Games, to become the first person to compete and win both the Summer and Winter X Games.

Shaun switched from skiing to snowboarding at age six and he received his first sponsorship at the age seven. He has participated in two Winter Olympics in his career (2006 and 2010) and at both he won a gold medal in the halfpipe event. This is his 2010 gold medal run.

With this first run (46.8 points), he ensures the gold medal without a second run. He ending his run with a well-anticipated Double McTwist 1260 (The Tomahawk for experts). This second run resulted in a record score of 48.4/50 enlarging his margin of victory. For information, the silver medalist finished with a points total of 45.0, 3.4 behind White.

Shaun is unique which is why his sponsor Red Bull has built a private halfpipe accessible only by helicopter or snowmobile. Look at that it’s amazing !

By his performances, Shaun awarded the “Chairman of the Board” on the Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards in 2007 and 2010. He also won the Revolver Golden Gods Award for “Most Metal Athlete”.

This is a best of Shaun White snowboarding here.


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