Allyson Angel

Allyson Felix

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Absolutely nothing to say, this style is perfect Allyson ! Maybe because there are all Burberry clothes… Allyson Felix is lucky and pretty. When we watch her like that, we can’t imagine that she’s one the fastest runners in the world.

And yet… her speciality? 200m. Precisely 21 s 69 on the distance !

I’ll talk about her but before I would like that you watch her during a race. This grace a pleasure for the eyes. Enjoy !

This one of her four gold medals. Also she is the only athlete in the history to be gold medalist on three distances : 100m relay, 400m relay and 200m individual. And by the way she won two silver medals in Olympic Games. And for the end she’s eight-time world champion.

With her friends of USA Team Tianna Madison, Bianca Knight and Carlemeta Jeter she holds the World Record of 4x100m in 40 sec 82.

Allyson Felix

Picture credit

With all this performances, she won the “IAAF Athlete of the Year” award in 2012 after the London Olympic Games. Allyson is accustomed to receiving awards because she already won four Jesse Owens Awards in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012.


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