Robbie King

Robbie Keane

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Los Angeles fits Robbie Keane ! Since he had signed for the Los Angeles Galaxy with his friend David Beckham, Robbie Keane is more and more fashion. His Jeans is fashion, his jacket is fashion and her wife his fashion… look!

claudinepalmer keane

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So Robbie Keane is an Irish professional player, a striker who won recently the last MLS championship with Los Angeles Galaxy. He also is the captain of the Republic Ireland national football team (54 goals in 122 selections since 1998). Robbie has gone though lot of clubs like for example Wolverhampton Wanderes, Internazionale, Leeds United, Liverpool, Celtic Glasgow and of course Tottenham Hotspur where he played 238 matches for 94 goals.

With all this clubs, he realized (on 21 January 2012) the extremely rare feat of having scored in competitions for 10 differents clubs. Robbie Keane is an Ireland legend so you can also call him Robbie King.


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