The Great Smile of China !

Yao Ming top

Credit picture

Big smile for a big man. I like his style, Yao Ming seems cool. He seems so cool that he can afford to wear a T-Shirt with his picture on it !     It’s too bad that we’ll never see him on NBA flooring. Despite an injury that forced him to stop his career, “Chairman Yao” keeps smiling.

Last year (on July 20, 2011) Yao Ming annouced his retirement after a long-time enjury. So he’s now a retired Chinese professional basketball after have missed 250 regular season games due to foot and ankle injury during his final six seasons. Last year he played for the Houston Rockets in NBA. In 2002, Yao was drafted (selected by an NBA team) by Houston as the fisrt overall pick. Followed by lot of Chinese people (everybody enven you… can vote for one player), the “Great Wall of Yao” was selected for 8 All-Stars Game and was named 5 times to the All-NBA Team.

I choose for you a top ten of Yao (don’t forget that he played center…) :


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