Wilted Rose

Derrick RosePicture credit

There is a problem. It can not be Derrick Rose on this photograph. This guy is supposed to have a pure style, what is he doing ? Because Derrick Rose have a lot of style on a NBA court. He is one of the best players in the american League. But here he can’t be serious with his stripped sleeveless and this kind of K-way. More, I have the impression that he strikes a pose seriously.

In 2008, he was selected first overall by the Chicago Bulls at the NBA Draft. For his first year he was voted Rookie of the Year (best player of the league in the first year) and was selected to the All-Rookie Team. With a huge potential, Derrick Rose confirm his status the second year leading Bulls to the Playoffs and he was selected for the All-Star game. In 2001, he received the NBA MVP Award (Most Valuable Player) becoming the youngest player ever to win this award and joining Michael Jordan as the only Chicago Bullsplayers to win the trophy.

But last year, during the first game of the first round of the playoffs, Rose injured his left knee while trying to jump. Today, he always is in recuperation and we hope that he’ll come back quickly. Because when Derrick Rose is in shape, it looks like this :


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