Dwayne doesn’t Wade in fashion

Dwyane Wade

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The least we can say it’s that his style is bold. Although some argue that he’s dressed to impress, Dwayne Wade takes very good. An amazing yellow cardigan and a old-school bow tie to top it all. Nothing to add for the suit, it’s simply class. However I think that Dwayne Wade wear glasses to have an intellectual air because he didn’t need them to shoot on basketball courts.

“D-Wade” is an American basketball player drafted in NBA in 2003, who plays currently for the Miami Heat. He won the 2006 NBA Finals with Miami against Dallas and was named Finals MVP.

D-Wade MVP

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“Flash” also won the 2012 NBA Championship when Miami defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder. With his performances he participed to 8 All-Star Games between 2005 and 2012 and won the All-Star Game MVP Award in 2010. Why ? Loot at this amazing video about Dwayne Wade skills :

In 2006, Wade was named “Sportsman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated and Sporting News. At this day, Dwayne Wade is the Miami Heat all-time leading scorer.


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