Alien Mario

Mario Balotelli

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Difficul to do worse… This style is absoluty horrible! I don’t know how Mario Balotelli can dress like that. Even his hair cut is ugly. This guy has a lot of talent but he doesn’t know how to dress.

Mario Balotelli, 22 years old, is an Italian football player who plays currently for Manchester City. He joined Manchester City (51 matches, 20 goals) after three years spent at Internazionale (59 matches, 20 goals) in Serie A. He also played 16 matches with Italy national team and he scored five time.

This player alternates between the best and the worst. During his short career he was suspended several times due to a number of disciplinary problems. For Roberto Mancini, his coach at Inter and Manchester City “the problem is because of his age, he can make some mistakes”. “He’s Mario. He’s crazy – but I love him because he’s a good guy“.

In this video you’ll watch the best and the worst of Mario Balotelli and when we watch this we can see that this guy is born to become a famous striker :


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